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(via gifak-net:video)
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pure ocean
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On an early morning shoot at the Waikupanaha ocean entry, lava from Kilauea volcano poured into the sea, creating a huge steam plume that rose with such velocity, it generated multiple vortices as it billowed upward into the sky. (x)
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IMG_3929 by tasmanventure on Flickr.
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Had such a perfect day with bae ❤️ Bae so sweet I could just eat em up 😈 #herseypark #reeses #love #meanttobe #rideordie #yogapants #kardashianglow #whatsyour20 #merman #me  (at Hershey Park (The Sweetest Place on Earth))
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There’s honestly no place I’d rather be than exalted by the sea #surfing #piersurfing #gopro #merman #ocean  (at 16th Street Beach)
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☀follow for more summer☀
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Here just have more pics of my trip to the underwater realm
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Here have an underwater selfie!
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